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IARU R1 VHF Contest 2017

Here is our QSO Map.

Online Log Updated

Hello Readers,
our Online Log has been updated.
CU in the next Contest.
Harald DD0VS on behalf of DQ7A

July 2017 Participation

Several restrictions on side of team mates made it impossible to particpate broad band. So it has been decided only to particpate in 70cm section.

Here the list of the top 10 ODX stations.

Marconi VHF Contest 2016

We found enough operators for setup and dismantling the station, even when some of them had family restrictions.

Condx were not surprising, compared to 2015. Usual ODX YU7ACO found the way in our log.

Many thanks to all they tried to work with us.

Below some pictures, the QSO Map, our Main Antenna as well one of our operators (DL3NCS). 


DQ7A 23cm Participation in 2016 DARC Microwave contest @ DL0LA/p

Almost anybody of DQ7A core team have been blocked by QRL on this weekend. Luckily Alex found time to motivate some OMs to work under DQ7A together with DL0LA/p@JN68BK during short wave Field Day Contest. Please find below our QSO-Map (Alps are a wall!) and an operating picture. Many thanks to DL6RAI and DL6NAL they were part of the DQ7A team and many thanks to the team of DL0LA/p for hospitality (or virutally hospitality).

We got it! 3rd Place in 2014 UKW Contest Trophy

Our team received on the GHz Convention in Dorsten the Trophy for 2014. Here is a picture:

(Copyright DD0VS)


Here you find a picture from the final Ceremony at GHz Convention in Dorsten. The trophy had been handed over by the Referee Martin Henz, DL5NAH to Harald, DD0VS, on behalf of the complete DQ7A team.

(Copyright DC1NNN)


DQ7A @ JO61JF 6th and 7th of September 2014 - A Short Burst of Speed - IARU Region 1 VHF Contest

Here a crew photo (from left to rigth: DK3WE; DL5YYM, DL9GRE, DJ7AT, DH0LS, DG8AM, DD0VS,DL2LSM [owner of the cam]), please find the preliminary results on our result page here: http://dq7a.de/drupal/node/85.

June 2014 - A Contest with Obstacles

It has been decided to go to Hirtstein @ JO60OM for June Contest.
The Team was: DH0LS, DG8AM, DJ7AT, DD0VS, Visitors: DH1DM, DG2DWL
Please find the report here:
vy 73
DD0VS on behalf of DQ7A

May 2014 - Let's continue

Report will be available later, sorry :-)

Contest March 2014 - A Good Start into the Season

Report will be published later, sorry :-)


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