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Oktober 2012 - GigaHertzschmerz

Der Oktobercontest findet dieses Mal für uns auf der Deditzhöhe / JO61JF statt. Wir haben einen 6m Mast für unseren 1,5m-Spiegel dabei und auch die Apfelmusdose darf nicht fehlen. Nachdem Günter - DL2LSM und Pit - DK3WE schon damit begonnen hatten den Mast für die 8x19ele für 70cm aufzubauen und Jens - DH0LS zusammen mit Ronny - DG0LAW und Stefan - DL9GRE die höheren Bänder aufbaut, montieren wir zeitgleich den Mast für 23cm.

September 2012 - Weather?

The weather forecast promissed heavy rain. But maybe the metrological glas-sphere has to be polished up.

On friday Günter and Pit started to erect the main antenna-system with 8 x 6 ele DL2RSX/Y23RD Yagis. Later Wolfgang, Alex and Thomas arrived and together the mast was ready just a short time later. The weather on Friday: dry.

July 2012 - Just a link

July 2012: A lot of exciting things happens in the July-Contest but the writer of this blog was not with the crew this time. But here ist Pit´s - DK3WE - report about theJuly-Contest.

May 2012 - Logistical Challange

If we could add the driven kilometers to our final contest result I am sure we had a much better result. Already on Friday Pit (DK3WE) from Munich and Günter (DL2LSM) and Günter (DL5YYM) from Leipzig arrived. Saturday morning Jens (DH0LS) and the rest of the crew reached the QTH. After finishing the setup (thanks to Peter, DK5RAX) we manned the stations. 23cm and higher was operated by Jens and Herbert (DG2NMH). Günter (DL5YYM) and Wolfgang (DJ7AT) worked on 70cm and the 2m-station was the job of Pit and Thomas.

March 2012 - Here we go again!

Again? Yes, again!  DK0CG changed into DQ7A. After eventful times in the fall of 2011 we are right back in business under our new callsign DQ7A. Thanks to the support from DF0MTL we had a very good start. All bands from 144MHz up to 24GHz were activ, also 47GHz but unfortunately we had found no partner for a qso. The reason why we changed our callsign and a few other things will be confidential, but: we feel good! So good, that we are looking forward to the May-contest which will be done from JN59RJ.

This is DQ7A!

DK0CG changed into DQ7A. Together with our friends from DF0MTL/DM2M we are qrv and looking forward for many qsos over long distances. 

73 from DQ7A


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