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DQ7A 23cm Participation in 2016 DARC Microwave contest @ DL0LA/p

Almost anybody of DQ7A core team have been blocked by QRL on this weekend. Luckily Alex found time to motivate some OMs to work under DQ7A together with DL0LA/p@JN68BK during short wave Field Day Contest. Please find below our QSO-Map (Alps are a wall!) and an operating picture. Many thanks to DL6RAI and DL6NAL they were part of the DQ7A team and many thanks to the team of DL0LA/p for hospitality (or virutally hospitality).

I (the autor, DD0VS) tried to see the contest progress in the ON4KST chat. I logged in before german midnight. HA5KDQ contacted me for a sked, sorry for disappoitment, but i was really in GG66SN and were not able to fullfill the request.

QSO Map 23cm July 2016

Station 23 @DL0LA/p July 2016

See you in next contest.


Harald DD0VS on behalf of DQ7A